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Hazrat Bilal R.A | Learn Quran Blog

Hazrat Bilal, The Muazzin of the Prophet

Hazrat Bilal was born in Mecca in 580AD to a slave named Rabah. He was born in slavery so he worked for his Master Ummayah Bin Khalaf. Hazrat Bilal R.A was one of those who embraced Islam in its early days. He was a slave of cruel non-Muslim Ummayah Bin Khalf, who was the bitter enemy of Islam. Due to his conversion of Islam Hazrat Bilal was brutally tortured and harassed but nothing was able to deviate him from the right path.

His master used to lay him on the scorching sand and put a heavy boulder on his naked chest so that his body was crushed between hot sand and heavy boulder. He also whipped him with the stick and used to ask boys to drag his body in the scorching sand. Despite all this, he was so competent that he stood firm on his belief that Allah is one by saying “Ahad, Ahad” each time he was punished.

This was the most difficult for Muslims because they were very small in number and they had very little support in society. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique watched the poor treatment of Hazrat Bilal by his Master, his heart was agitated and eyes filled with tears. Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A several times advised him to not say Ahad in front of his master because it can cause trouble for him. But every time he was not able to control himself uttering the oneness of Allah.

Hazrat Mawlana Rumi (R.A.) says described this as the following verses:

“When Abu Bakr advised him towards silence and secrecy,

Bilal repented again,

But when love overwhelmed, he swallowed the repentance.

It is the message of the troubled heart.

Without You there can be neither peace nor comfort.”

Hazrat Abu Bakr went to Umayah approached Ummayah many times to ask for the fair treatment of Hazrat Bilal. Once he agreed to sell Hazrat Bilal for money, and Hazrat Abu Bakr asked paid Ranson and freed Hazrat Bilal. After this, Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him, out of love and joy, embraced Hazrat Bilal and held him to his heart.

Hazrat Bilal who was a freed slave was given respect and honor in Islam which is a perfect example of equality and tolerance in Islam. When Mecca has conquered Prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon approached Kaaba and assured the people that they are safe and forgave all of their mistreatments with Muslims in past.  Hazrat Bilal was the one who was asked to recite Adhaan on the roof of the Holy Kaaba. He stayed close to holy Prophet peace be upon him and he was a very special companion

The heart of Hazrat Bilal was shattered when Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon passed away, he decided not to live anymore in the city of Medina due to immense grief caused by the demise of Prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon Him. He left for Syria and set his journey towards Syria.

On his way to Syria, he slept under a tree and saw Prophet Mohammed Peace Be upon him in his dream, Prophet Peace be upon Asked,” O’ Bilal why did you leave me? , he woke up and made his journey back to Medinah. People of Medina were happy and overwhelmed with joy seeing Hazrat Bilal back in Medinah. Hazrat Bilal made his way to masjid e nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque).

Everyone wanted him to recite adhan but he refused the pleas of people as he resolved that he will never recite adhan again. But when the beloved grandsons of Prophet Mohammed peace are upon him asked him to recite adhan he did not refuse them. He assumed the position of Muazzain and started reciting adhan. Hearing his voice every eye burst into tears because his adhaan reminded them the time of Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him.

Hazrat Bilal died in the middle of reading adhaan in Damascus, which was his second adhaan after the demise of Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him. This muazzin of Prophet is buried in Syria.