How to Spend Ramadan

How to Spend Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the most sacred months in Islam. Ramada 1236 is going to start and we should not neglect the seasons of worship. Here we are writing a few ways to spend Ramadan.

Supplicate to Allah

All of us who are alive and in good health until Ramadan starts should be very thankful to Allah SWT for giving us a chance to collect the blessing of Ramadan. We can make the best out of this month as this month gives us a chance to be forgiven and blessed. Hazrat Anas bin Maalik   narrated that when the month of Rajab came, the Prophet, said:

[su_quote]O Allaah, bless Rajab and Sha‘baan for us and let us live till the coming of Ramadan.” [Ahmad and At-Tabaraani][/su_quote]

The month of Ramadan starts with the sighting of the new moon and we should start supplicating on first sighting of the first moon of Ramadan

[su_quote]O Allaah, let this moon come to us with security and faith; with safety and Islam; and guidance to what You love and approve. My Lord and your Lord is Allaah.[/su_quote][At-Tirmithi, Ad-Daarimi, and Ibn Hibbaan: Saheeh]

Happiness and Joy:

Ramadan is known for the descent of mercy and season of blessing, so it is good news to hear about approaching Ramadan. Our holy Prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon was used to congratulate his companions on the starting of Ramadan.  The Prophet said:

[su_quote]Ramadan has come to you. It is a blessed month during which Allaah The Almighty Prescribed fasting and in this month the gates of the heavens are open and the gates of Hell are shut…[/su_quote][Ahmad]

The noble companions of Prophet also followed this tradition after Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him and took good care of this month.

Preparing for Ramadan

Due to lack of awareness, many Muslims don’t plan the affairs of this holy month and as a result, they miss getting properly benefited from this month. We should draw detailed plans for this holy month so that we can invest our time and struggle in most of this lucrative moth. We should not waste any moment of this glorious month without pleasing Allah SWT. We should make a proper schedule for this month in which we can give our maximum time to worship and other good deeds.

Staying competent

It is commonly observed that most of us are very passionate in worship at the start of this month but with days passing this zeal and enthusiasm fade ways. As written in previous lines that we should not miss any moment of this invaluable month. We should be very determined to get maximum benefits and blessings in this month.

The Almighty Says (what means):

[su_quote]{If they had been true to Allaah, it would have been better for them.} [/su_quote][Quran 47:21]

Learning about Ramadan

It is recommended that we should know about the issues and rulings of Ramadan. Without knowing much about Ramdan issues we can’t make the best use of this month. We should learn about Fiqh and rulings related to Ramadan so that we can avoid mistakes that render the rewards of Fasting. We should never be reluctant to ask about anything we don’t know.

“{So ask the people of the message if you do not know.}”[Quran 21:7]

Reciting Quran

Quran is the Gift of Ramadan. Quran was revealed in this holy month of Ramadan. We should spend this month giving maximum time to the recitation of the Quran. As there is a special arrangement of traveeh prayer this month in which Quran is recited, so we should not miss traveeh prayer too.