Manners of Visiting Mosque   

Manners of Visiting Mosque   

Mosque is important place for Muslims and it is also called house of Allah, There are few manners for attending mosque. Some of them are as follow:

Before Going to Mosque

1. A person should be neat and clean with proper bodily sanitation while entering in the mosque as he is going to stand before his creator.

2. A person going to mosque should not have awful smell in body or clothes. Before going to mosque one should avoid eating food like garlic and onions which cause bad breadth.

3. Listen adhan (call to prayer) very carefully and reply each and every line of adhan as mentioned in hadith below

“When you hear the call to prayer, say similar to the Muathin.”

(Muslim and Bukhari)

4. Stay calm and patient while going to mosque and should not rush towards mosque. Do not try to run with a view to join the rakats with imam. March serenely to mosque as our Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him told in hadith

“If you hear the call to prayer you should walk to the masjid in a calm, peaceful manner, and do not rush. Whatever you catch (from the prayer), then pray, and whatever you have missed, you should complete it.” (Muslim and Bukhari)

Do not take very young kids in mosque this may cause annoyance and disturbance in mosque.

While Entering Mosque

  1. Put your right feet in when entering the mosque and seek forgiveness and blessings from Allah Almighty by reciting this dua:

 Allahuma Iftah lee aImage result for entering mosque duabwaab rahmatika.” (Muslim)

Step your left feet out while leaving mosque.

  1. If there is time it is advised to offer two congregational rakats before sitting in mosque. This is called Tahiyatul Salah and there is hadith related to this act:

    “If one of you enters the masjid, he should pray two units of prayer before sitting.”

(Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)

In The Mosque

1. Try to come early in mosque and sit in initial rows of mosque. Filling initial rows will prevent any hurdles from new arrivals.

  1. Do not cause disturbance to other Muslims by making noise, talking and running. While offering individual prayer leave space for new arrivals and people going out from the mosque.

“When one of you prays, he should stand behind a sutra and he should pray close to it. This is in order to prevent the shaytan from disturbing his prayer.” (Abu Dawud)

  1. Avoid crossing inform of performer of Salah because it may divert the attention of person who is offering prayer.
  2. In mosque spend time remembering Allah and reading Quran.

“Indeed the Houses of Allah were built for the remembrance of Allah, prayer, and recitation of the Quran.” (Sahih Muslim)

  1. Do not waste time in mosque rather try to utilize time in gathering of knowledge.
  2. Keep the mosque neat and clean and do not buy or sell in mosque.

Leaving Mosque

based on the statement of the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) following is Dua (Supplication) of leaving mosque:

“When one of you leaves the masjid he should send prayers upon me and say: Oh Allah! I ask you for Your blessings – Allahuma inne asaluka min fadlik.” (Sahih Muslim)

Image result for leaving mosque dua


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