Norani Qaida Lesson 1

Norani Qaida Lesson 1

Learning Quran is religious obligation of all Muslims and it is our duty to learn Quran and teach it to others. To learn any thing first of all we need to be able to read it. Quran is in Arabic language so before reciting Quran one must know how to read Arabic. Norani Qaida is small booklet and is one of the standard guide to Learn Quran. The best thing about Norani Qaida is that it is very easy, comprehensive and convenient to learn basic Quran Reading.

Here is video tutorial from a Teacher of Learn Quran Academy who is discussing the first lesson of Norani Qaida which is “Mufaradat” or Alphabets of Quran. Quran has 30 alphabets and every alphabets has different sound and pronunciation. There are few words which are quite confusing but in the video lesson teacher explains the difference very clearly. Teacher is elaborating each and every letter with exact pronunciation and articulation.

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Teacher: Muhammad Adil Khan
Learn Quran Academy


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