Rights of Parents in Islam

Rights of Parents in Islam

Respecting parents is the duty of every Muslim and this is one of the most stressed topics in the Quran.  Worshiping Allah and respecting parents are mentioned side by side in the Quran.

‘Do not worship except Allaah; and to parents, do good…'”

[Quran 2:83]

Worship Allaah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good…”

[Quran 4:36]

Say: ‘Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited to you. [He commands] that you not associate anything with Him, and to parents, good treatment…'”

[Quran 6:151]

Prophet peace be upon him said that parents of a person are heaven or hell for him. It means that if one treats his parents fairly and stays obedient to them, he will get a place in Jannah and if a person is disobedient towards parents and does not attend to their needs will go hell.

Rights of Parents

  1. To seek pleasure from Allah a person has to earn the pleasure of his parents and avoid their disobedience. Prophet peace be upon said:

[su_quote] In the good pleasure of the father lies the good pleasure of the Creator and in his displeasure, lies the displeasure of the Creator.[/su_quote]

You might notice that in the above verse only father is mentioned. From numerous hadiths, it is obvious that the mother is more respectable than the father so one should avoid displeasure father or mother.

  1. The Quran also forbids Muslims to curse parents when they are aged. So one must serve their parents especially when they get old.
  2. One person came to Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and said that he wishes to participate in Jihad. Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him asked if his parents are alive. He told that his parents are alive, then Prophet peace be upon him said:

[su_quote]Then strive in their service and assist them at the time of their need.[/su_quote] (This is your Jihaad.)

It shows the importance of serving parents.

  1. As the mother bears more pain and suffering during different stages of pregnancy and upbringing of the child. So in Islam mother has more claim with regard to service and treatment.
  2. Prophet Peace be upon him stated that Jannah lies under the feet of the person. It means that a person has to treat serve his mother well and stay obedient to her to get Jannah.
  3. We should perform daily dua for our parents.
  4. We should give charity, perform hajj, and doing good deeds on behalf of our parents.
  5. We should abuse our parents or anyone’s else as Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon Him said that abusing someone’s parent is the same as abusing one’s own parent.
  6. Parents can spend money on their children as Prophet Mohammed Peace is Upon Him said:
    “You and your wealth are to (property of) your father”
  7. One should continue serving his parent and stay respectful to parents even if the parents are Non-Muslims.
  8. There are rights of parents even after they die. One should pray for their parent’s forgiveness and mercy after death and do the good deeds which can bring comfort to their soul.

Importance of Obeying Parents

Hazrat Jabir R.A narrates that Prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon Him said “Allah prolongs the life of a person who obeys his parents and serves them devotedly.”  It means that those who full fill rights of their parents a bestowed by special blessings and favors of Allah Almighty and it is act of great virtue. If we will obey our parents fairly and kindly we can expect same from our children to us. It is detestable sin for causing grief, showing disobedience and being careless toward parents and it condemnable act according to Islam.
May Allah make us obedient to our parents.


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