13 Types of Heart in Quran

13 Types of Heart in Quran

The human brain and hands are in a continuous quest for efficient results but the matter of our heart is slightly different. Our heart is known to chase peace and happiness.  

In Quran, the word “Qalb” has been used as a general term for the heart. According to Qur’anic research, Allah Almighty has mentioned 13 hearts in the Quran which means there are 13 types of people based on the strength of their emaan. As quoted by the prophet Muhammad:

      “Verily Allah doesn’t look at your faces and your wealth, but He looks to

        your heart and to your deeds.”

 Let’s have a look at the distribution of these people by Allah.

1. Qalb-e-Salim  

In the eyes of Allah, the first heart is Qalib-e-Salim. These are the hearts (people) who are cleansed from disbelief, hypocrisy and filth. They are also protected from them. Allah likes and appreciates these hearts.             

 (Surat al-Shu’ara ‘, verse 89)

2. Qalb-e-Muneeb    

These are the people who keep on repenting to Allah and keep busy obeying Him. You will find many people in life who are lost in obedience to Allah. Time demands repentance. Allah also likes these people.

(Surah Q, verse 33)

3. Qalb-e-Makhbat

These are the people who are humble, content and calm.

         “He who bows his head in front of Allah, Allah raises him.”

(Surat al-Hajj, verse 54)

4. Qalb-e-Wajal

These are the people who are afraid even after goodness whether Allah will accept our goodness or not. These people are also afraid of Allah’s torment at every moment. They know that Allah also punished His Prophets for their mistakes.

5. Qalb-e-Ta’qqi

These are the people who respect the rites of Allah. They do not eat or drink in front of the fasting people even if they cannot worship under any compulsion and they remain silent during prayers and adhan. 

6. Qalb-e-Mahdi

These are the people who are satisfied with the decisions of Allah and accept them happily. Allah likes these people too. In life such people are never at a loss. Allah brings out good for them from the inside of evil. 

7. Qalb-e-Mutma’een 

These are the people who find peace in the remembrance of Allah. They also keep on remembering Allah day and night. If you also want to avoid sadness and grief, then you should start Tasbeeh. Your heart will be filled with contentment and happiness. 

8. Qalb-e-Hay’ee

These are the people who hear the fate of the disobedient people of Allah and learn a lesson from them. Spreading evil, polytheism, disbelief and arrogance, promoting evil, etc., are cleansed from their lives. In the sight of Allah, they are modest and Allah loves them too.

9. Qalb-e-Mareez

These are the people who are victims of doubt, hypocrisy, immorality, lust and greed. Allah considers these people and their hearts to be sick. Those who suffer from these diseases live miserable life.

10. Qalb-el-Amii

These are the people who neither see and nor hear. These are insensitive people. Allah calls them blind and deaf people and commands the believers to just greet them and go ahead.

11. Qalb-al-Ahi

It is the heart that is oblivious to the Qur’an and is engrossed in the colors of the world.

12. Qalb-al-Asamm

These are the people who cover the truth and conceal the testimony. You read history. You will see the societies and people who conceal the testimony and conceal the truth being destroyed. 

13. Qalb-e-Mutak’bir

The thirteenth and last heart is arrogant. These people are arrogant and rebellious and make their religion arrogant, so they become victims of oppression and aggression.

Put these 13 hearts in front of you and feel your heart. If you have a bad heart, then repent and return to the good heart. Allah will open the doors of His grace on you.


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