An Advice to Muslim Youth

An Advice to Muslim Youth

Allah SWT has given us a great responsibility which is “Life”. We must understand and take seriously our purpose in life. It is the responsibility given to us by Allah. Allah SWT wants us to spend our lives serving him and it is mentioned in the Quran many times.

The age of youth is the most important part of human life. In the age of youth, almost 90 percent of humans waste their time in useless activities. Time of most young boys and girls passes in music, dance, driving, partying, and they and forget that their purpose in this world is to spend their lives according to Allah’s will. Allah says in the Quran:

[su_quote]And fear the Day when you shall be brought back to ALLAH. Then every person shall be paid what he earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly[/su_quote]

Al-Quran 2:281

The above ayah shows that every person is responsible for his every deed he performs on the face of Earth whether it is done in light of day or in the darkness of night. So we should be careful of our deeds done in our youth because it is the most crucial time period of life.

It is the time when our emotions are mainly controlled by the lust of this world and we blindly follow the way which can earn us money and achieving other milestones of the so-called success of the world.

The young minds has usually no experience and idea about where their activities would take them so they are not able to make sound decisions. At a young age we think every step we take is right and usually doesn’t listen to the advice from older people such as our parents and their very logic looks absurd and backward.

There most dangerous trap for the youth is the trap of so-called love. This trap is promoted through media in movies and dramas which is presented as a very true and precious relation but in reality, it injects the evil practice of Zina in our society. Islam has no place for this illogical relation which is another name of lust. Love it actually the wild emotions which are enhanced by media through their in the name of love. So it is very important to protect oneself from it should be the primary concern.

In the name of art, degrading acts such as singing and dancing are very common interests of youth. The music is used to attract the youth towards meaningless activities such as dance parties. The wording in the poetry of many songs is meaningless and somewhat betrays you from the right path. There are many songs in which God Is cursed. The youth today is spending the precious life having and creating fun. But as a Muslim, it is our belief that life is not fun but it a great responsibility.

The youth nowadays is busy only with the material things and their utmost aims are to be a doctor, engineer, or a businessman. The parents do not encourage the kids to be good Muslims. The young generation is losing moral and ethical values with time.

The only advice for youth is to realize the purpose of their lives and reclaim the value of life which is not less than paradise in the life hereafter. They should read the Quran and understand its teachings and follow the life of our holy prophet Mohammed s.a.w  so that they can live a successful life in this world and the life hereafter.


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