Riadh ul Jannah : The Garden of Paradise

Riadh ul Jannah : The Garden of Paradise

The Riadh ul Jannah which means ‘garden in heaven’ is the piece of land between the Blessed Rodha and the pulpit of the Prophet Mohammed (SAWW). It is 22 meters long and15 meters wide. Riadh ul Jannah special part of Masjid e Nabwi as Prophet Mohammed (SAWW) himself granted it the title of “Riadh ul Jannah”.

He said:[su_quote]The place between my pulpit and my house is a garden in the garden of the paradise.[/su_quote]

It could mean that it may be brought to from heaven in the same way as the Hijr e Aswad (the Black Stone) was shifted to the Earth from heavens. It could also mean that it will be lifted to paradise and merged with paradise on the day of judgment and revealed reveals its prominent beauty which stays hidden from the usual eye. In this part of the Mosque, there are 8 pillars that are known for certain blessings and qualities.

The Pillar of Hanna

There was a dry stem of a dry date-palm on which Prophet Mohammed (SAW) used to lean when addressing in Masjid. Later, when a pulpit was prepared the Prophet SAW moved to that platform. This stem wept in the pain of separation from the Prophet (SAW). The prophet Mohammed SAW stroked it kindly and it thus it stopped weeping. This stem is buried under this pillar.

The pillar of Aisha:

Respected Aisha (RA) used to pray on the right side of this pillar so this is known as the Pillar of Aisha (RA).

The pillar of Abi Lubaba (RA)

It is on the left side of the Pillar of Aisha (RA). After committing a mistake Abu Lubaba (RA) tied himself up to this pillar and had sworn he would only be freed if Prophet (SAW) forgive him and free him with his own blessed hands. He was later freed by the blessed hands of the Holy Messenger.

The pillar of Sareer:

The Prophet Mohammed (SAW) used to lay if four-poster when is stayed in the mosque for i’tikaf.

The pillar of Hiras:

Hiras means protection or supervision. The noble companions used to stand here to watch over Before the verse of protection was revealed, the companions of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

Pillar of the delegations:

This pillar lies in the place where Prophet Mohammed SAWW used to meet with delegations coming from abroad.

The pillar of Tahajjud

This pillar stands on the place where the Prophet (SAW) used to perform his tahajjud salat. This is right in front of suffa and located in the direction of holy Kaba.

The pillar of Jibreel:

In this place, Prophet Mohammed SAW used to meet Jibreel A.S. In His last month of Ramadan He had revised the hole Quran with Jibreel (AS) in the same place.


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