Ideal Woman in Islam

Ideal Woman in Islam

In Islam concept of Ideal women is different from the man-made concepts which are exploiting women in the name of freedom and equality. Islam gives women a set of genuine responsibilities which are which suits her. By no means, Islam suppresses women or negates the role of women in building a society. The important saying states that:

[su_quote]Behind every successful man, there is a woman.[/su_quote]

All successful person is nurtured in the laps of women. Men are molded in the shadows of ideal women. It may be the touch of a loving mother or the embrace of a devoted wife which propels man to the summits of success.

According to Islam, the ideal woman is the nucleus of the family and bonds the whole family strongly. When the father is busy earning bread and butter for the family it’s the ideal woman who takes care of kids by wrapping them in a blanket of love and affection. The child needs love and concentration which is not possible if both parents and involved in making money for the family.

There must be one who can feed them ardently with the desired care and love. The mother acts as a first learning institute for the kid and sets the foundation for education for the kid. An ideal Muslim lady is the one who sets a strong foundation.

When a practicing Muslim mother worships Allah SWT at her home, her kids will observe the mother inquisitively and try to intimate her and they will learn to worship Allah at a young age. With time he/she will turn into a God-fearing and responsible person.  A Muslim woman is also responsible for building a strong moral character in her kids.

Like other mothers, the ideal women of Islam also tell stories to their kids. But her stories are not about fictitious characters, she narrates the stories of our beloved Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him, other prophets, noble companions, and other pious Muslims. She narrates the stories which infuse lofty aspirations and inspires kids with real heroes. It’s the ideal woman that introduces her kids to Allah Almighty and induces his love in their hearts.

She is the one who gives the concept of right and wrong and places halal morsels in the mouth of kids. She raises kids with the voice of the Quran resonating in their ears which instills the prophetic value and ethics is them. She is the mother which tells her kids to start every work with the name of Allah and such a mother is an ideal woman in Islam.

The sight of an ideal woman is cooling and soothing to her parent’s coolness of her parent’s eye. She serves her parents and protects her chastity and honor for the sake of her parent’s honor. She brings delight and pride to her parents. She is like a princess to her husband as she treats him like a prince. She does not fall short in her duties to her husband.  She keeps the intensity of love high with her husband and makes a home a place that can dissolve all tiredness and frustration.

The ideal woman is a caring friend. Her shoulder is always nearby for a friend in need. She is a refuge for the weak ones. Others find solace and comfort in her midst. She expels evil, sadness, and gloom with her soft touch. Her soft and warm tone draws the hearts together.

In essence, the ideal woman the pivot of humanity. She is the balance in society. She is the one who has to raise an upcoming generation. She is the jewel of her parents, a fortune for the children, treasure of her husband, and blessing for humanity.


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