How Memorizing Quran is Good For Your Brain?

How Memorizing Quran is Good For Your Brain?

As a Muslim, we are aware of the spiritual rewards we get for memorizing the Quran.  But most of us don’t know that it is also a great practice for our brain.

In another article, we have discussed the spiritual benefits of learning the Quran by heart. If you’re going to start memorizing the Quran here are some other benefits you’ll get by memorizing the Quran. We hope that it will give you a slight push in your direction.

Although your main intention for memorizing Quran should be earning spiritual reward from Allah Subhan Wa Taala, you should know how you get blessed by getting into this holy purpose. Many educators these days are not in favor of memorizing and according to them, it is not real learning.  It’s true that simply learning by rote without taking the words to heart is a waste of your mental energy, which is why we at Learn Quran Academy focus on the translation, tajweed, and better understanding of the Quran.

On the other hand . . . memorization one very important part of real learning.

Here we are listing 7 benefits to motivate you to add the habit of memorization to your Quran studies.

1—Learning something by heart really does mean engraving it into your heart. Memorizing makes the lesson a part of you, making the sounds, rhythm, and becomes part of your neurological functioning.  If memorizing poetry sweetens your soul and makes you wiser, than what you expect for memorizing the word of Allah? You will get many spiritual, mental, and emotional blessings for sure.

2—Memorization is a kind of workout for our brain. Like our body, our mind also needs to work out for is health. Memorizing is a  practice in which you force your mind to work hard by memorizing few passages which keep it in good health. According to scientists, our mind functions better both in the short term and long term when it is subjected to hard work. Even at the stage of mental decline in your sunset years, it improves your neural plasticity!

3—You always don’t have Quran Majeed sahifa with you. Some times even it the internet facility is not available you will be able to recite the Quran without depending on the book, a computer, a smartphone.

4—You can encourage your friends and turn their man around by reciting the Quran in front of them if you know Koran by heart.

5—When you are an expert at something you memorize it or you can say memorizing something makes you expert at it.  For example, a good lawyer memorizes all articles in the law. So memorizing Quran (with understanding) defines your position on the expertise of the Quran. What is better than gaining expertise than the Quran?

6—Wether you discover something, solve a problem, or create something new, you are dependant on working memory which is a bank of information stored. This working memory serves as a base on which your creativity depends. So having the Quran in working memory means a better understanding of Islam.

7—Reciting Quran from the memory is the easiest and the fastest way to recite Quraan and even with lightning-fast Internet connections can not provide you this ease.

8—Finally when you are done memorizing something you gain the confidence needed for other mental tasks. You also learn special techniques for memorizing helps you succeed and develop your skillset even further. You can use your strong memory to learn other things in life.

If you have made good intentions to memorize Quran start a memorizing program today by Contacting Learn Quran Academy.


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